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Rainbow Jeweltones with Black
Style # RJT-B12

Stripes of Turquoise, Blues, & Purples
Style # S-T/B/P w/K

Gradated Colors from Black to Blue
Style # G-Bla/Blu

Gradated Colors from Black to Purples/Plums
Style # G-Bla/Pur
Stripes of Warm and Cool Browns Style # S-Brn w/K
Stripes of Turquoise, Blues, & Purples w/ Black
Style # TBP-B10

The scarves show on this page are handwoven of a warm, sturdy, buttery soft, luminous, colorful rayon chenille yarn. They are approximately 9" wide and 64" long, plus a 2 1/2" fringe at each end, and are $92 each.
These scarves can easily be handwoven longer or shorter, with the price adjusted accordingly.
Not shown here, I also handweave scarves of my own hand painted and hand dyed silk yarns, and shawls and ruanas (like an unsewn poncho) handwoven of mohairs and wools that I also hand dye.
Contact me if interested.
I design and prepare all warps myself.  Next, I either weave the scarves myself, in my small home studio, on my 36" four-harness floor loom or my 45" eight harness floor loom (This is the one I'm using in the picture on my home page.) or have the help of one other weaver.  Finally, I knot or cord the fringe and finish all pieces myself.
I have recently purchased a 24" sixteen harness computerized loom, and plan to jump into the world of handweaving pattern design soon!

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